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Island of Happiness

An old tenement, stifling and cramped flat, filled with souvenirs and trinkets, resembling rather a fantastic jungle than a place to live, resonating with warbling of several dozen birds fluttering freely amongst lush vegetation, flapping their wings against cage perches.

This is the kingdom of Ela, a woman who lives out of time and reality, somewhere deep in the nooks of her own memories of bygone years and people who have left or passed away. We get to know her daily routine, everyday activities which are conducted methodically, but with exceptional tenderness and devotion towards her bird charges, which, in her stories, become more human than the absent in her life loved ones.

Installation, which is a composition consisting of several different birdcages - a steel, immovable prison, architectural labyrinth and a trap, but a sole asylum for the captivated birds at the same time.

In the "Island of Happiness" we circulate around Ela as if we were the canaries whirling over her head, constantly coming closer and steering away from answers to the questions: Where is the line between liberty and imprisonment? What is the price of saving one's own freedom? Is it possible that every existing form of survival is a consent to living in captivity?

"How not to accept prison immediately, if by imprisoning, putting back on the right path and teaching obedience, it only respects, perhaps with a certain exaggeration, all the mechanisms functioning in the social body".

Michel Foucault "Discipline and Punish."

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The Filmmakers

cast: Anna Romantowska, Pawel Nowisz
witten & directed by: Martyna Iwanska
director of photography: Roman Kaluza Wierzchoslawski
production manager: Monika Buczynska
set design: Zofia Lubinska
music: Pawel Lucewicz
edit: Magda Czmuda
color corretion: Dominik Deras Badi Badi
sound effect: Kamil Gabrysiak
make-up artist: Anna Zuzanna Lasik
props: Zofia Lubinska
set manager: Karolina Charemska
cameraman: Roman Kaluza Wierzchoslawski
focus puller: Filip Drozdz
gafer: Darek Barwiejuk
dolly grip: Dominik Gawryszewski
sound: Franciszek Rogala
boom operator: Piotr Kozlowski
legal services: Emilia Piasecka
produced by: Cialo Niebieskie
Emilia Piasecka, Martyna Iwanska, Magda Czmuda

The Partners

photographic equipment:

lighting equipment:

postproduction studio:

color corection studio:


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